Ответ (2): Пойман Саддам Хуссейн

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Отправил(а) Yuriy, North Potomac, 23:37:22 17/12/2003
в ответ на: Ответ: Пойман Саддам Хуссейн, Отправил(а) Наталья-Летиция, Екатеринбург, 22:28:36 17/12/2003


A vot i kontrargyment Peregrinu is toi zhe stati ob upravitele ego goroskopa Merkurii:  

« With Gemini Rising, Mercury is the ruler of his horoscope, and is found in the 12th house of secrets. Mercury is well-placed here, giving him an uncanny sense of who his enemies are, and how to avoid their plots. Mercury is in the money-savvy sign of Taurus, and benefits financially by a trine to plentiful Jupiter, found in the 8th house of corporate wealth.» 

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