Wisconsin Birth Records

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Wisconsin Birth Records  


Overview: From 1852 to 1907, physicians or other persons attendant on a birth, or the parents if no one else was present, were required (though it was widely ignored) to file a certificate of birth within thirty days with the county register of deeds. After July 1897 the certificate was to be filed with the local health officer, or local clerk if there was no health officer, who then forwarded the certificate to the register of deeds. The register of deeds entered information from the certificate into a separate registry book and submitted a copy of the registry semiannually to the Secretary of State, before October 1907, and to the Bureau of Health Statistics, after October 1907.  


In 1852, Wisconsin Statutes specified that the birth registry contain the following information: full name of child; sex; race ("color"); name of other children ("issue") living; full name of father; occupation of father; name of mother previous to marriage; place, date, and time of the birth; name and residence of the physician or other person signing the certificate or making application; date of certificate; date of registration; and any other additional circumstances noted. In 1898 this list was amended to include the birthplaces of the parents.  



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