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Gennady Maslov

About some objects of the Kuiper Belt
Part 2
1996 TL 66 -"the principle of dominoes", Or:

How to reach maximum effectiveness with minimum efforts…

1996 TL66 is interesting at least because of the fact that it is related both to the largest and to the farthermost Transneptunian objects. Its circulation period is 788.7 years. Just for comparison: 1999 DG8's circulation period around the Sun is 745 years, 1999 CY118's period is 950 years, and 1999 CF119's - is even 1232 years. TL66, however, exceeds to a considerable extent all the named objects in size. By the way, I'd like to note that some researchers regard 1996TL66 and 1996TO66 as similar. Perhaps, it is because they were discovered during the same year - 1996, and because both belong to the largest objects of Kuiper Belt and their designations are similar. However, if we judge hanging upon the fact that astrological influence of a heavenly body depends in many ways on the parameters of the orbit (including the remoteness of the orbit from the Sun), it seems unlikely that their influence is similar. TO66's period is "only" 287.7 years…

It's necessary to note that the most remote planets always scared the astrologers a little. (See the article of D. Kutalyov "Varuna: Angel or Demon?"). Some time ago Saturn was considered a significator of death. In the 20th century Pluto was considered the same. There exist some research papers that point out the association of 1996 TL66 with such ideas. Partly, I agree with those who regard 1996 TL66 like that, but I'd like to convey my own ideas about that.

First of all, it would be right to substitute the term "death" for the existentialist concept of "a borderline case". (The very Pluto often puts us in conflict situations with the seamy side of life, however, we remain alive and sound…). Philosophers-existentialists thought that the real essence of a person emerges only in "borderline cases", in the situations when we have to choose between life and death. Only in such cases a personality is able to make a breakthrough to it's real "inner self". Of course, when we speak about the breakthrough we mean the breakthrough to the Unconscious, to the depth of our own "inner self". And if such a breakthrough occurs, the idea of self-understanding, self-expression and the expression of the deep essence of a personality substitute the idea of death. It is changed into the idea of "the broadening of consciousness", if you wish to say so.

The astrological tradition associates the 8th House of horoscope with death, and the 9th House - with the opportunity to broaden consciousness. In this connection several last degrees of the 8th House can be of a certain interest. These are the degrees, where the planet, formally being in the 8th House, is, in fact, situated in conjunction with the cusp of the 9th House. These were the very degrees TL66 was situated (in the conjunction with cusp of the 9th House, orb: 2 degrees) at the moment of its discovery.

Fig. 1.

The first thing you pay your attention to looking at the discovery chart of 1996 TL66 is its very strong Yin (passive) character: rising Virgo with Venus – dispositor of TL66 – are in the exact conjunction with the Ascendant degree. The Moon and Mercury (the ruler of the chart) are also situated in Virgo and in the 1st House. Five planets (not mentioning TL itself) are in Earth signs. Besides, the 12th House dominates the chart: Mars, which rules TL66 by the House, is situated in the most mysterious and enigmatic astrological House - the Twelfth. Lilith is also situated in conjunction with Mars, and TL66 is in the midpoint of Neptune and Lilith, in the female Taurus, in the 8th Water House – YIN. The major aspects of TL are the following: the trine to its own dispositor Venus in Ascendant and a square to Uranus in the 5th House. The chart doesn’t look too disharmonious and frightening. Rather one can see here an emphasis on the personal matters and intimacy (five personal planets have grouped near the Ascendant, having occupied the 12th, 1st and 2nd Houses, making a very strong accent on the Eastern part of the chart), an emphasis on the psychological difficulties, in connection with which a person can desperately need confidence, care and understanding (Venus, Moon, Mercury). However, it would be difficult for a person to get such an attitude as the strongest planet and the ruler of all chart - Mercury – is in the opposition to Saturn and is situated in the Sun/Moon midpoint. The Sun is situated in the 2nd House of personal values and rules the 12th House, the Moon is in the 1st House, in conjunction with Ascendant and Venus. Besides, five planets (not mentioning TL66 itself) and Ascendant (Virgo) are situated in Earth signs and the Sun and Rahu are in the 2nd House, which gives an opportunity to achieve real and tangible result…

Let’s put off the discussion of this topic for a while and think about another thing. Nowadays there are no research works about the possible astrological influence of 1996 TL66 (the only pleasant exception is the work of D. Nizhelchenko “The charts of nuclear explosions and catastrophes: The destructive role of Kuiper asteroids TL66, TO66 and QB1”. However, with all my respect to the author and all my interest in his article, I have to wade in polemic with D. Nizhelchenko’s conception). Despite a very small number of research works, TL66 has already got a tag of a “malefactor”. I must admit that I myself began my research work with the same attitude. But very quickly I came to different conclusions. Judge for yourself.


DURING 1907-1917


There is no doubt that the rate of TL66’s involvement into this chart is very strong. Here TL66 is the immediate participant of the eclipse, i.e. it is in rather exact conjunction with the Sun and Rahu. But the chart of the Eclipse itself even without TL participation makes a very strong negative impression (moreover, the role of TL66’ is still not clear). However, the fact that TL’s years of strong aspects during the 10 years prior to this date don’t coincide with the years of the biggest world tragedies makes us doubt about the absolutely “malicious” role of TL66. I would like to remind you once again that TL wasn’t activated neither in the beginning nor during the World War I. Its role in the chart of the October Revolution is very insignificant too (TL is in the 5th House, its only aspect is non-exact sextile to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury). In the chart of Hitler’s order to invade Poland (the beginning of the World War II) TL66 also has only one major aspect: the sextile to Jupiter; and in the chart of invading the Soviet Union TL66 has a trine to the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter, and a square to Lilith. (In connection with the last two examples it’s interesting to note that in Hitler’s chart 1996 TL66 is situated in exact conjunction with the Moon and Jupiter. The question “what could it mean?” we will discuss later…).

Let’s look at the natal charts. Making my search work about the groups of people, united by professional or other interests, I very easily came across the following two charts (Fig. 3 and Fig. 4):


Both charts are taken from the AstroDatabank, section “Lesbians”. In both charts (fig. 3 and fig. 4) the object 1994 TL66 is in the exact conjunction with Ascendant.


However, the database on lesbians, mentioned above, is rather large. The charts shown earlier belong to the women born in the same year. TL66 is in opposition to Pluto, and it is difficult to say what played a more important role – either angular TL or angular Pluto. (I am not even mentioning possible conjunctions of slow planets or the Rising degree with stars, etc. …). So immediately I wanted to find a similar case, but with a different year of birth. Luckily, it didn’t take long to find it…

Fig. 5.

Here you see that Pisces, not Aquarius is rising, TL66 is not in opposition to Pluto but in conjunction with the Sun and Rahu. The year of birth is not 1945 but 1970 now (“Feel the difference!”). And not TL66 but Venus is in opposition to Pluto, with Venus in the 1st House.

I don’t want to claim that in the charts of lesbians TL66 must be on Ascendant. (There were some examples of exact squares of TL66 to the ASC-DSC axis, for example, the chart 5811: a square to Asc., a square to the rising Saturn, a trine to Venus). Rather often TL66 just happened to be in the 1st House with the meaningful aspects. (7156 – conjunction with Saturn, a square to Venus, in the Mercury/Rahu midpoint, and the Moon has a square to the Nodes and Neptune).

Before enumerating some examples from AstroDatabank I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that together with TL66’s interaction with standard objects of horoscope, it is very often noticed in the configurational interactions with centaur Chariklo (irregular types of partnerships) in the charts of lesbians.

I don’t want to say that 1996 TL66 is the univocal indicator of specific problems of a chart. I just want to say that TL is very well seen in the charts of the group in question. And TL often happens to be in the 1st quadrant or in the angular House of the chart (very often in the 1st House), it is often hard-aspected (if it isn’t, then, as a rule, the Moon is hard-aspected), often has this or that connection with Pluto, and Lilith is very well manifested (conjunction, opposition or square to the Moon, the Node or 1996 TL66). One of the aforenamed points (Lilith, the Moon or TL) is practically always aspects the Nodes.

It is interesting to note that analyzing the charts of swingers from the AstroDatabank I have noticed the same indicators. The only difference is a more evident significance of Mars-Saturn theme in the charts of the latter in comparison with the Venus–Moon theme in the charts of lesbians. (I’d like to remind you that the conjunction of Venus and the Moon rised at the moment of 1996 TL66’s discovery in VIRGO…).

In contradistinction to the chart of lesbians where TL tries to make a conjunction with the rising degree, in the charts of schizophrenics the hard-aspected TL tries to embrace the ruler of the chart’s Ascendant…

Here are some examples from the AstroDatabank:

  1. 11296 (15.07.1949) – TL=Mars/Neptune, the conjunction with cusp of 8th, the opposition to Pluto and Venus, a square to the Sun/Moon midpoint (rising Cancer);

  2. 11569 (13.05.1950) – T-square, the base of which is the opposition of TL and Pluto, and the top is the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the 12th House (rising Gemini);

  3. 11719 (18.10.1950) – TL=Saturn/Uranus, in conjunction with IC, in exact opposition to Pluto and in sextile to Mars (rising Scorpio), in trine to the Sun;

  4. 12597 ( 16.03.1954) – TL=Sun/Rahu, in opposition to the conjunction of Pluto and the Moon (Cancer is on rise), in trine to Neptune and Lilith;

  5. 13084 (12.01.1957) – opposition to Pluto (Scorpio is on rise), exact squares to the Moon, Rahu and the Ascendant’s degree;

  6. 13519 (13.03.1960) – conjunction with Venus (rising Taurus), opposition to Pluto, trine to Lilith;

  7. 13803 (01.09.1962) – conjunction with Jupiter (Sagittarius is on rise), opposition to the Sun, Pluto and Uranus, trine to Neptune in the 12th House;

  8. 14118 (08.01.1966) – conjunction with Saturn (Capricorn is on rise), squares to Nodes;

  9. 5169 (12.09.1918) – TL is in the 12th House, in conjunction with Ascendant (orb: 3°), = Jupiter/Rahu = Jupiter/Neptune;

  10. 7343 (29.11.1933) – TL=Venus/Saturn, in wide conjunction with Venus (rising Libra), in the square to the Moon.

And here are some absolutely different examples: TL66 and WH24 in the charts of psychiatrists:

  1. 4814 – TL is in 2-degree opposition with the Moon and in conjunction with Jupiter, WH is in the midpoints of Pluto and Sun with Moon;

  2. 4855 – TL=Node/Ascendant, WH is in conjunction with Jupiter;

  3. 4859 – TL is in opposition to the conjunction “Sun-Mercury-Neptune”, WH is on MC, in conjunction with Jupiter and in the square to the Moon;

  4. 5021 – TL is in conjunction with Rahu, in the square to the Sun, WH=Sun/Moon;

  5. 6906 – TL is in the square to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, WH is in the sextile to the same natal conjunction, in the Rahu/TL66 midpoint.

As an interlocutory hypothesis I can suggest such keywords for TL66 as variation, deviation, infraction… (One shouldn’t understand these words as evaluating from the point of view of this or that moral position of the concept. More likely variation, deviation, infraction have the psychological shade of meaning, making a native feel this or that emotional experience connected with the meaning of the suggested keywords…). In case of activation of TL66 there is, as a rule, a variation from a planned scenario only, as a result of which there is a powerful outburst of mental energy in the form of surprise, anger, pain or … great joy (the result, as it happens usually, depends on a chart as a whole).

The confession of a lesbian became for me the key to understanding of the principle of the work of 1996 TL66. She said the following in the private talk: “Sexual satisfaction can be achieved both with a man and a woman. The principal difference is that for achievement of sexual satisfaction with a man you need more emotional efforts than with a woman, with a woman the efforts are minimal and the delight can be compared to the spurting fountain…” But the principle of work of atomic bomb is the same! (See the article of D. Nizhelchenko about TL66’s involvement in charts of nuclear explosions). The first bombs were “fired” by little dynamite charge and then the energy “spurted like a fountain”!

The role of 1996 TL66 in the chart of the lunar eclipse on the 8th of January 1917 also becomes more evident (fig.2.). The eclipse took place in the beginning of the most difficult and significant year for Russia when all Russians were aware that the political crisis would lead to the change of ruling power. The leading political critics of the time suggested a lot of different ways of development of the events, different political parties were expected to have power, but nobody expected the Bolshevik Party (RSDRP) to win. RSDRP as ruling party didn’t find its place in the probable scenarios of the development of the events. And right here there was the violation and from the small Lenin “Iskra” ("Spark", the newspaper of Bolsheviks) there was a big world fire Bolsheviks dreamt of… In the chart of V. Lenin (rectification of B. Izraitel) 1996 TL66 is situated exactly on the cusp of the 8th House in close conjunction with Saturn, which rules the 9th House, in the trines to the Sun and Mars in the Twelfth. And at the moment when Lenin was pronouncing his sacramental phrase “now - or never: the delay is equal to death!”, the transit TL was situated in the Uranus/Rahu midpoint (!!!), and when the clock in Winter Palace (Zimny Dvorets) was stopped and the Provisional Government was overthrown the actual Moon has formed a one-degree trine to Lenin's Saturn and TL66, while the Sun was in the exact sesquisquare to them and to the cusp of the 8th House… That was the work of the “principle of dominoes”.

There is a national festive show in Japan, which is prepared for a very long time, sometimes for many days by a lot of people. On the stadium there are huge patterns made of colorful plates standing one after another. And then one gentle stir is enough to make wonderful patterns during several seconds. An entertainment for Virgo. And Japan, traditionally, is under the influence of this very sign. And this very sign rises at the moment of 1996TL66’s discovery.

And one more example of the manifestation of “the principle of dominoes”. Some days before the August eclipse of 1999 the First President of Russia announced the name of the new Prime Minister and his own successor, the name that was not well known to the public. One gentle stir. A month later several dwelling-house were destroyed in Moscow by explosions. One more month later the echo of explosions rolled through the whole country and many young and not very young people were killed in Chechnya. And still the dominoes are falling – there is no end to the fanciful pattern…

Fig. 6

In the chart of V. Putin 1996 TL66 is situated in close opposition to Pluto. This fact seems to be not very important because opposition of TL and Pluto is the aspect of generations that was repeated in the heaven during many years. In his chart, however, these planets turned out to be near MC and IC and coincide with the axis of the Nodes (TL and Rahu are in conjunction within one degree orb), and are intensified by Lilith (in 1.5° from Pluto).

The Nodal and the Angular opposition of TL and Pluto is the maincarrying part of the construction of the chart, the mast where the sail flaps comprised of stellium “Sun-Saturn-Neptune-Mercury on the one side and a Part of the Fortune is on the other. The stellium is situated in the 12th House and the Fortune is in the 8th House of the chart. The August eclipse of 1999 happened on the Nodes of the chart in conjunction with Pluto and in opposition to TL66. On the 31st of December, 1999 when because of Yeltsin’s resign, V. Putin started to act as the President of Russia, the transit TL66 from the 7th House cast a square to the Sun/Moon midpoint (application with the orb 21'). On the victory day of the presidential elections the separate orb of the TL square to the Sun/Moon point was only 19'. (The election campaign was held just at the time of the exact square TL=Sun/Moon). Besides Jupiter came up to the transit TL66. (The exact conjunction of the transit 1996 TL66 and Jupiter happened in the morning of 30.03.2000 !!!). The transit Uranus was in exact conjunction with Putin's Rahu then and it’s even clearer that Uranus passed through the natal TL66 during the Inauguration Day! (Orb of conjunction is 17').

And here is one more interesting example:


This is the chart of Eastern Germany foundation, GDR (the information is taken from D. Meadows’ book “Where in the World with Astro*Carto*Graphy”, Moscow: VShKA, 2000).

In the outer circle you can see the location of planets on the 9th of November 1989, the day when the Berlin Wall was destroyed. The transit Sun = Pluto/TL66. The transit stellium Sun-Mercury-Pluto makes squares both to Pluto and TL. It’s of little use because it’s very difficult to distinguish the influence of the first from the second… But position of the transit 1996 TL66 is very representative! TL is situated in the most exact - one angular minute – conjunction with the Moon of GDR. The Moon rules the 7th House, and it is situated in the 3rd. The Berlin Wall had been dividing many German families for many years. In the day when it was destroyed the crowds of exultant people (the conjunction of TL and the Moon) surged through the irremeable border. One stir broke the course of usual events - and the fountain of emotions has played freely. One domino has fallen and politically and emotionally rich difficult and continuous processes of “the unification of Germany” have started…

If we return to Hitler’s chart, we’ll be able to have another vision at the exact conjunction of 1996 TL66 with Jupiter and the Moon and the wide conjunction with Ketu in the 3rd House (the Moon rules the Cancer, included in the 9th House). If you consider that the conjunction Moon-Jupiter-TL66 is situated “in the bail”, in harmonious aspects, you can suppose that Hitler greatly enjoyed giving orders and directions which were modest by form (Capricorn), but breaking the supposed development of the scenario (“without the declaration of war…”, “breaking the peaceful agreements…”), leading to the seizure of new large territories. During signing of such orders, transiting 1996 TL66, Jupiter and the Moon happened to be in harmonious aspects with each other, repeating the natal theme and making Hitler more emotionally confident…

At the moment of his suicide TL66 was transiting through the 4th natal House and was situated in the Pluto/Ascendant midpoint, it had just passed the opposition with natal Saturn (orb: 1°38') and began to form the square with the conjunction Venus-Mars (orbs: 1°36' and 1°16'). You know that the natal exact square between Saturn and the conjunction Venus-Mars is the key position of Hitler’s horoscope…

Looking for typical dayly situations, which would reflect just little effort leading to great changes in life and to the fountain of emotions, I thought of big winnings. (By the way the discovery chart of TL doesn’t “object” against luck in games: both Jupiter and Uranus with Neptune are situated in the 5th House and Uranus has a square to TL, and Jupiter - to the Sun in the 2nd House…). The chart of Kathleen McLaughlin who won 27 million dollars in the lottery on the 13th of December, 1991 is shown below. (The data are taken from Lois M. Rodden’s book “The Stars and Money”, Moscow: Akvarium, 1998).

Fig. 8

In the natal chart the Sun and TL66 rise in 1.5-degree conjunction and are in exact opposition to Pluto. In the directions of the Solar Arc on the winning day TL was situated in the square to the natal cusp of the 5th House (Placidus) with the orb 15'. In the chart of James McLaughlin, Kathleen’s husband, on the same day the transiting TL was situated on the Descendant (orb: 1.5°) and the transiting Sun was in the trine to the Descendant with the orb less than 1 degree. So on the day of such a big winning the transliting Sun and TL66 were situated in the exact trine!!!

The policeman Fred C. Drago (11.08.1929) who won several million dollars in a lottery has a similar configuration. On the day of purchasing his lucky lottery ticket TLdir (the Solar Arc) was situated in the square to the natal cusp of the 5th House (orb: 1°18').

As for the driver’s Kenneth Greene’s chart (03.01.1958) MC of the Solar Arc was situated in the square to the natal TL with the orb 42' on the day of receiving his many million prize. Kenneth Greene’s chart with the transit planets on that day is shown below:

Fig. 9

Gennady Maslov

It is written at the conjunction
of the transit Uranus
 with natal 1996TL66

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