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Gennady Maslov

About some objects of the Kuiper Belt
Part 3
1996 TO66: “Nothing is eternal under the Moon…”

Together with WH24 and TL66, 1966 TO66 is one of the biggest discovered objects of the Kuiper Belt for today. TO66’s period of circulation around the Sun is 287.7 years. It was discovered on October, 12 1996. It was retrograde at the moment of its discovery by astronomers and had geocentric coordinate 28°04' Pisces, so it was very close to the star Sheat (29°20' Pisces), which has a bad reputation… The Ascendant of the discovery chart was situated between the two even more sinister stars - Alciona and Algol. Moreover, the discovery of TO66 coincided with the 29th Moon day (the days of Hekate), and was several hours before the beginning of the Solar eclipse in the 20th degree of Libra. TO66 was at the discovery moment in 4 degrees from the retrograde Saturn and in 10 degrees from Ketu. Besides, the opposition Saturn-Mercury coincided exactly with the axis of the previous lunar eclipse…

Fig. 1

TO66 also participates in the harmonious, as it seems at first, configuration “bisextile” with the angular Pluto and the conjunction of Uranus with Neptune, TO's dispositor. (The conjunction Neptune-Uranus is traditionally considered as “not kind”…). The position of TO66 in Pisces in the 11th House (Neptune-Uranus) hints to the possibility of unexpected and mysterious - or sad - circumstances, and Saturn, the Nodes and the influence of the Eclipses make these circumstances tough, insuperable and fatal… The Sabian symbol of the TO66 degree is: “The scientist is conducting experiments of spectral analysis” (The ability of the mind to share its abilities with devices. The broadening of perception abilities. The opening of new vision. The fine analysis.)

This is how the elemental set of data  – for the search of probable astrologic meaning of the object – looks like in the discovery chart of 1996 TO66…

Fig. 2

The chart, shown above, (fig. 2) was taken from the book “How to use astrology for success in business and for the right choice of profession”. (Symposium edited by N. Tyl, Moscow: Urania, vol.1, p. 201). Anthony Lewis uses this chart in connection with the Void of Course Moon and the mysterious and legendary story about the lost squadron, which supposedly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Then I would like to quote A. Lewis: "14 pilots on the 5 armed fighter planes took off the military base in Fort Lauderdale on December 5, 1945 at 2.10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time during the Void of Course Moon. Nobody has ever seen them any more. It’s clear that many times planes took off during the Void of Course Moon and nothing like that had happened to them. The key to the astrological understanding of this story must be hidden in some other marks of the chart, and more exactly in the interaction of the factor of the Void of Course Moon with other astrological factors”. (Italics supplied).

Let’s try to estimate the degree of astrological participation of mysterious 1996 TO66 in this not less mysterious story. In the chart (Fig. 2) TO66 is situated in the 10th House of Goal, almost in the upper culmination (TO66 will reach the conjunction with MC exactly an hour after take-off. The signal about mysterious troubles was received at 4.45 p.m. when TL66 culminated, which symbolized the breach of the planned scenario (see a previous article), and TO66 was situated on the cusp of the 9th House, beginning its almost two-hour transit through the 8th House of extreme situations when the tragedy must have taken place…). At the moment of taking off TO66 was situated in Capricorn, in the 10th House, in exact opposition to retrograde Saturn. MC of the chart is in conjunction with the degree of Solar eclipse (which would take place in a month) and the Moon is situated in exact opposition to the degree where the Lunar eclipse would occur two weeks later. All these factors resemble the discovery chart of TO66 (Fig. 1): both the closeness of the eclipses and the strong contact with retrograde Saturn… Can it be so that the keywords for 1996 TO66 are disappearance, deprivation and loss? Especially, taking into account that the time itself was lost in this story (the exact opposition of TO and Saturn, “The God of Time”): several hours of context completely disappeared and got out of control of the pilots and the ground services of observation…

Developing the idea of loss, gap, I addressed to the chart of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh (L. Rodden, AstroDatabank). Colonel Charles Lindberg is a well-known historical figure in America. On the 20th of May 1926 he successfully accomplished the first Trans-Atlantic flight. However, he is well-known not only for his remarkable flight which is suitable for Guinness Book. Another sensational story is connected with the name of the Lindberghs. Charles and Ann’s son – the little Charles Augustus – was kidnapped on the 1st of March 1932 and then killed. In this connection I decided to trace the role of TO66 in Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s charts.

Let’s begin with Anne’s chart because she was born a month before the Solar eclipse, which took place on the 21st of July, 1906, in 27°50' Cancer (the most exact trine to the degree where the retrograde 1996 TO66 was discovered - orb 14'):

Fig. 3.

In Anne Lindbergh’s chart 1996 TO66 is situated on the cusp of the 3rd House (the press talked a lot about it), in trine (orb 1.5°) to Saturn (in Pisces), the ruler of the 5th House, in the midpoint of Mercury and Saturn. Mercury is the ruler of the Ascendant. And there is an exact trine to Mercury. Here I’ll remind you that in the discovery chart of TO66 Saturn and Mercury are in close opposition, which is situated on the axis of the previous Lunar eclipse … Moreover, TO66 has got rather wide squares to the line of Nodes in Anne’s chart, and one of them – Rahu is situated in Leo, and the second – Ketu – is situated in the 5th House…

At the moment of missing and death of the son, Pluto of the Solar Arc direction was situated in trine to TO66, and directed TO66 (which reached the natal midpoints Pluto/Lilit and Uranus/TO66) cast a semisquare to the cusp of the natal 5th House (Placidus).

It’s interesting to note that at the moment of kidnapping and killing of the son, TO66 of the Solar Arc directions in Ch. Lindberg’s chart makes sesquisquare to the natal cusp of the 5th House (orb: 22') being in the midpoint of the natal Moon and Lilith (Anne Morrow has a semisquare to the cusp of 5th and conjunction with the Pluto/Lilith midpoint).


If we speak about colonel Ch. Lindberg’s natal chart, I’d like to draw your attention that the line of the Nodes (similar to his wife’s chart) is on the axis of the 5-11th Houses and Ketu is situated in the 5th natal House in both charts … TO66 is located in the conjunction with Rahu and the Part of Fate (natal Rahu is in the midpoint TO66/Part of Fate) and in square to the Sun which is the significator of the 5th House…

If we take mundane astrology, then the following question appears: what can be the analogue of disappearance and loss if we look at the charts of the states and their leaders? If we calculate the directions of the Solar Arc in the October Revolution chart for the 22nd of June, 1941 (beginning of the War with Hitler's Germany), we’ll see the conjunction of the directed TO66 with Venus of the USSR (“the loss of the international partner”) – Venus rules the 9th House of the chart and signifies 7th/ This fact seems interesting if we remember the peace treaty “Molotov – Ribbentrop”. The transit aspects for the 22nd of June, 1941 are the following: the Jupiter is in the opposition to the natal TO66, the transit TO66 is in the Moon/Jupiter midpoint (the loss of happiness, freedom and territory by the nation, taking into account that the Moon is situated in natal 12th, and Jupiter is the ruler of the natal 4th House…) The slow secondary progression: progressive Sun and 1996 TO66 are in conjunction with each other. The last aspect is interesting as well because the progressive Sun was passing through the natal and progressive TO66 in 1938-1941. This is the time when the upper crust of the Soviet Army was liquidated. The Sun of the October Revolution rules the 12th House and is in conjunction with Mercury, the ruler of MC; the Sun has a square to Uranus at the cusp of the 6th House (and Uranus is a ruler of this House)…

As for the leaders of the states we can suppose that TO66-losses can be connected with resignations: the loss of the status, prestige, power… In Nicholas II’s chart 1996 TO66 stands in the 1st House, in the Mercury/Varuna midpoint. Mercury rules the Ascendant and the 10th House. Here one can see the hints of Abdication (TO66 is in the 1st House), and of the loss of personal and social influence that can be known to the public: Mercury-Varuna… (see an article about Varuna).

At the moment of Abdication TO66 is transiting through the 4th House and it is in conjunction with the transit Moon and with the star Antares. The orb of the last conjunction is only 2 angular minutes! In the directions of the Solar Arc TO66 is situated in the midpoint of the natal Sun and Neptune and makes a square to Lilith, a semisquare to its own natal position, and a very exact sextile to Varuna with the orb only 6 minutes. At the same time the directed Saturn is in the trine with natal TO66.

Fig. 5.

In the chart of Adolph Hitler 1996 TO66 is in a half-degree conjunction with rising Uranus. In the last days of April when it became clear that everything was finished, the transit TO66 was in conjunction with WH24, in the square to Mercury and to the ASC-DSC axis (I don’t take into account the Directions and the Secondary progressions because the role of Uranus at the moment of the “fiasco” has been discussed many times, while TO66 is situated in conjunction with Uranus in the natal chart and remains in this conjunction both in directions and in progressions...).

In B.N. Yeltsin’s chart TO66 is situated in Capricorn, in the 5th House and has a trine to Neptune and a square to Varuna. On the 31st of December 1999 when Yeltsin with tears in his eyes so theatrically and sensationally said goodbye to the nation and his post, transiting TO66 was in the sextile to natal TL66 (soft and pleasing breaking of scenario, of rules of the game) and was applying to the conjunction with Varuna and the square to its own natal position… And all this happened less than a month before the Total Lunar eclipse in the 1st degree of Leo (in the trine to degrees of TO66, Saturn and the Lunar eclipse of 1996 TO66 discovery chart; see fig. 1). In directions of the Solar Arc TO66 “modestly” makes a trine to natal Jupiter of the 1st President of Russia, coinciding with natal midpoint Sun/Uranus. And really, the decision to resign was an outstanding, personal and rather unexpected act, that in a manner has added fame to B. Yeltsin during his life-time.

As for the 1st President of the USSR M. S. Gorbachov, directed TL66 made the square to natal TO66 in November 1991… The leaders of three former Union Republics made a little effort ("Belovezh Agreement") - and once again we witnessed the work of the “principle of dominoes” (see an article about TL66): The "Unbreakable Union" finally broke down, the Supreme Soviet was dissolved, and the President Gorbachov had to resign…

It’s necessary to note that Gorbachov’s natal chart has the same aspect as Yeltsin’s one: the square Varuna-TO66. The circumstances of resignation of both leaders are commonly known, both of them occupy an advantageous position in the society despite a lot of negative claims during their ruling periods… “The Glorious Retired Servicemen”! In addition to the square TL66-TO66 at the moment of Gorbachov’s resignation, the directions of the Solar Arc give us some more interesting aspects. At that very moment TO66dir was passing through the arc of the natal opposition Mercury–Neptune. The natal Mercury was in 1° of Pisces and the natal Neptune was in 5° of Virgo. In November 1991 TO66dir was passing through the 3rd degree of Pisces. TO66=Mercury/Neptune. There is one more aspect that might cause interest connected with the question under consideration. If we use the rectification of B. Yeltsin’s chart, made by D. Meadows (19:12 GMT), we will see that MCdir of the Solar Arc will be in the square to natal TO66 in the end of 1991…

The configurations of “resignation” including both TO66 and Neptune seem to be interesting. Nicholas II – TO=Sun/Neptune; Gorbachov – TO=Mercury/Neptune (and eccentric person B. Yeltsin has TO=Sun/Uranus).

I can show you one more interesting example of the same type of interaction. Recently, on the 30th of May, 2001 at 4.11 p.m. the mass media announced that Rem Vyakhirev was no longer the head of Gazprom… And I want to note that at this very moment TO66dir cast an exact opposition to natal Neptune (orb: 6 angular minutes)!!! And Uranus had reached the natal cusp of the 6th House and opposition to natal TO, while the directional Ascendant had made the square to natal TO66…


I took the data of R. I. Vyakhirev’s birth from the Astrological Database of VIPs of our country. Rem Ivanovich Vyakhirev was born 13 days after the Total Solar eclipse (!). Natal TO66 is situated in Capricorn, exactly on the cusp of the 12th House, in the midpoint of Uranus and Neptune, in the trine to the Sun and Neptune. (Probably the last aspect could explain R. Vyakhirev ‘s “unsinkability” for many years). At the moment of the announcement of the resignation the transiting Ketu was joined with natal TO66, and the “quick” Ascendant of the secondary progression (Mean Quotidian) had just passed natal and progressive TO66. (Here I can just suppose that Rem Vyakhirev’s fate was determined only 2-3 days before, at the moment of the conjunction of the “quick” progressive Ascendant with TO…).


Preliminary conclusions

1996 TO66 acts especially expressively in the monthly zone of eclipses, with the aspects to Neptune and Saturn. (See fig. 1 - the discovery chart of TO66). As a whole it can be related to “malicious” astrological objects, which doesn’t exclude its neutral and even positive manifestations. The key words, which symbolize the astrological influence of TO66, can be conventionally considered to be disappearance, deprivation, loss And these terms must be treated as broadly as possible: from the purse loss to the loss of power, advantage, prestige. From the psychological point of view TO66 can symbolize the energy of devastation, ennui (which is understood not as an absence of energy, but as its peculiar variety).

Hypothetically, the positive use of 1996 TO66 is possible when we want to get rid of bad habits or consequences. Having good aspects, TO66 can provide “unsinkability” in events or psychological resistance in the situations of refusal or loss…


The article was written in weekly zone of the Solar Eclipse.

Gennady Maslov.
June 24, 2001,
2.20  Moscow time.

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